Joseph Walton-Rivers WebPigeon

Computer scientist from Essex, England.

About Me

I am a PhD student and Free software developer from the United Kingdom. My research focuses around NPCs and how they learn and adapt to their envrioment. During my free time I work with the Fedora project infrastucture team. I also founded Unity Coders, a group of free software developers and computer enuhtasts.



A Java based IRC bot created to make life easier for our users. The bot uses a bespoke plugin archtecture and annotations to identify commands which can be preformed by users.


A CMS created for the Unity Coders website. The website is based on the Django framework and includes a number django "apps". The website is designed to be easy to use for end users, editors and administrators.

iggi research

My PhD research is being conducted with IGGI. I don't have any postable infomation yet, but when I do this page will include a link to it. In the mean time, infomation is available on my blog.

Stanway Fiveways School

I have helped create a website for a local primary school. I manage the website and perform updates and modifications as required. I also provide support on a popetual basis.


During my first year, I wrote an application to parse timetable dumps given to us by the University. This is the first (python) version of that appliction. It is command line (text) based and does not feature a GUI.


During my first year, I wrote an application to parse timetable dumps given to us by the University. When other students saw this application they requested I write a GUI version. This is the GUI version.

Supybot Plugins

Before my university course, I worked on a number of plugins for the python IRC bot named supybot. These are mostly defunct now and the channel does not use supybot any longer.


Once I completed my degree, I worked on a number of bespoke applications for the Company I worked for. One of these was a timesheet application based on Django. Unforntatelly, I cannot share this application.

dns check script

Script to check DNS settings for Fedora project servers. This was based on a ticket on Fedora infrastructre trac website.


Coming soon...